Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone!

I’m really happy because I reached my first blog goal of having 100 followers a few days ago! I want to thank all of you for supporting my blog!

Another great thing, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely Needo’s Life, thank you so much for it! Don’t forget to check out her lovely blog!

The Rules:

1. Thank and link any bloggers who nominated you
2. Write a blog post to show the award
3. Give a brief of how your blog began
4. Give two pieces of advice about blogging
5. Choose 15 other bloggers to nominate the award to
6. Comment on each of the nominated bloggers to let them know you’ve nominated them, with a link back to your Blogger Recognition Award post!

How did my blog start?

I really enjoy reading beauty and lifestyle blogs I find on pinterest so I thought it would be nice to have a blog and write about things I like and enjoy. I decided to create a lifestyle blog and write about beauty (since I’m really getting into makeup but I’m not an expert, I’m learning new things and trying new products so I thought it would be nice to write about it and let other people know about things I’m loving, they may love it too), food, travel and lifestyle.

Blogging advice

I’m new into the blogging world so I don’t know a lot about blogging, but one thing I can tell you is that you should blog about things you like, things that interest you and things you know about, that way it will be easy for you to write posts.

I nominate…


Its Tessa Lee

Tasha Cole Beauty

Little Beauty Book

Laugh Love and Hippie

Dajana Erd

That Disney Doll


Lots of love,

Allie x

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