Planner Set Up


One of my goals is to be more organized. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m a huge procrastinator and I usually forget important due dates, to change that I bought a gorgeous gold weekly planner by kikki-k a couple years ago and I must say I’m loving it. I wish I had bought a black one back then and the medium size, but this one is perfect, I’m in love with it!

Kikki-k planners and stationery is gorgeous and you can get a lot of benefits; you get discount for subscribing (I don’t remember how much it was), discount for your birthday and a $10 discount every year as an anniversary gift, and they constantly have products at 20% off.

I’m going to show you how I use it and what sections I have, it may not be as beautiful and colorful like many others I’ve seen but it helps me.


  1. Monthly Calendar

The first section in my planner is the monthly section. Here I write any appointments I have, assignments, birthdays and important dates, I write all of this the first day of each month.


  1. Weekly calendar

The next section is my daily calendar or weekly section. Here I write everything that is in my monthly section, tasks, and things a bit more detailed. Every Sunday I write down everything that needs to be done during that week and just add more during the week.


  1. Personal

On this section I write lists in general, lists of personal goals, my bucket list, books to read, things to do.


  1. Health

I’m trying to be healthy, something that was on my goals for 2017, and I’m trying to lose weight so I decided to have a section on my planner for it.

I start this section with my starting weight, starting measurements and goals, I have a few motivation quotes and body goals to stay inspired and my workout routine in pictures I got from the internet.

Every week I write my weight and measurements to see how much weight or cm I’m losing, my water intake and a few meal plans, I still have to work on meal planning.


  1. Blog

The last section is for my blog. On this section I wrote everything about my blog when I was starting it (name, platform used, username, passwords) and I use it to brainstorm posts ideas, organize it, make drafts and set dates (I use Google sheets to set dates too).


I’m going to leave a few links where you can find gorgeous free printables for your planner.


14 thoughts on “Planner Set Up”

  1. love the gold! I really like your handwriting, I have such big handwriting I wish I could write super small like that. I have the Erin Condren Lifeplanner and use it very similarly… I have a snapin board that I meal plan and budget plan on. Just actually posted about it if you want to check it out!

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