Makeup Essentials

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is going to be about my makeup essentials. Even though I enjoy wearing makeup, I normally don’t wear a full face of makeup. These are the products I use on a daily basis and can’t go out without them.



1. Concealer

Concealer is the most important makeup product for me, I seriously can’t live without it. I have some awful under eye dark circles so I can’t go out without concealer, if I do, I get the typical ‘you look terrible’ or ‘you look like you haven’t slept for days’ comments… thanks for making me feel good with myself.

At the moment I’m using the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, which I love so much. I made a review on this product if you want to read it here.

2. Powder

I always make sure to set both foundation and concealer to make them last all day long. The powder I use is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder which is such an amazing powder that don’t dry out my face.

3. Mascara

Another very important product for me is mascara, along with my eyelash curler since it makes a huge difference on my eyes. I love using the Maybelline Falsies mascara, this is such an amazing mascara that makes my lashes look so long and with a nice volume.

4. Blush

To give my face a slight color I use blush. At the moment I’m using Sephora’s Shame on You! which is a gorgeous color.

5. Lipstick and lip balm

And lastly, I can’t live without lipstick and lip balm. I get very dry lips so I need to apply lip balm or vaseline every day at all times. For lipstick I love wearing nude or orange lipsticks, the ones I use are by MAC and Revlon since both are so moisturizing and go on so smoothly.


What are your makeup essentials? x


3 thoughts on “Makeup Essentials”

  1. We were just about the same products, just different brands. Usually I skip the concealer and use a green primer instead, because of my rosacea. It help hiding my redness. I’m sure you’re beautiful even with dark circles, people are jerks. xo

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