Wardrobe Essentials: Skinny Jeans

Hello everyone!

This is the first post for my Wardrobe Essentials mini series, where I’m going to show you the absolutely essentials pieces I love wearing for a classc minimalist chic style. Style changes over time, trends come and go but there are a few pieces that are essentials, pieces that I wear all the time and will always make me feel confident.

Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are a must in my wardrobe, a piece I wear every single day for an everyday casual look or for a night out with friends. They go with everything, seriously everything, from casual tops to elegant blouses, from sneakers, to high heels.


Even though I love wearing black, sometimes I feel that I need a little more color. When it comes to blue jeans I prefer wearing dark blue ones, I’ve never liked light blue ones because I seriously feel that they don’t look good on me. Another piece of clothes that goes with absolutely everything.


Have a lovely day




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