Wardrobe essentials: Shoes

Hello everyone! It’s time for my wardrobe essentials part two.

When it comes to footwear there are two pairs of shoes that I can’t live without and I am obsessed with, white sneakers and ankle booties.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are pretty much part of my everyday outfits, they are so comfortable and you can wear them with pretty much anything for a casual or chic look, with jeans, shorts, dresses, anything.

I particularly love vans and converse.

Ever since high school I’ve been wearing authentic vans and chuck Taylor high top converse, but in high school I wore the black and white ones along with band shirts, a kind of boyish look. When I decided to change my style to a more girly style I still could’t ditch the sneakers, they were part of my signature pieces, but I wanted a change so I decided to change to white sneakers.


Black Booties

Ankle booties are part of my signature pieces, either flat booties or heeled booties. I think that no wardrobe is complete without a nice pair of black booties, they are so comfy and so chic, perfect for a casual everyday look but not as casual as with the sneakers. I always love wearing black booties because the black goes with absolutely anything but I’ve been meaning to get brown ones for a change.

‘ve been using a pair I bought at Forever 21 and I’m seriously impressed with them, they are so comfortable and have lasted so long.


If I could only own two pairs of shoes it would be these, white sneakers and black booties, both are a must in everyone’s wardrobe.

Have a lovely weekend




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