Style Icons

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing week! My style in general is a classic chic style, a very simple and minimalist style, and there are a few celebrities that have the similar loveliest effortless look I love. 1. Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is my spirit animal, we are both terrible dancers,… Continue reading Style Icons


Wardrobe essentials: Shoes

Hello everyone! It’s time for my wardrobe essentials part two. When it comes to footwear there are two pairs of shoes that I can't live without and I am obsessed with, white sneakers and ankle booties. White Sneakers White sneakers are pretty much part of my everyday outfits, they are so comfortable and you can… Continue reading Wardrobe essentials: Shoes


Wardrobe Essentials: Skinny Jeans

Hello everyone! This is the first post for my Wardrobe Essentials mini series, where I'm going to show you the absolutely essentials pieces I love wearing for a classc minimalist chic style. Style changes over time, trends come and go but there are a few pieces that are essentials, pieces that I wear all the time and… Continue reading Wardrobe Essentials: Skinny Jeans